Meet the Hosts...

Geraint Havard

Composites UK 'Employee of the Year 2020', Geraint Havard is a Polymers and Composites Testing Departmental Manager at R-TECH Materials, in a UKAS and Nadcap accredited test lab in South Wales.


Geraint holds an Engineering Doctorate in Materials Engineering and his specialities lie in Polymers and Composites, Composite Testing, Mechanical Testing, Materials, Metallurgy, Corrosion & Biodiesel.

Geraint is keen on developing the next generation of composite engineers, delivering training courses on mechanical testing of composite materials to the industry on behalf of Zwick Roell. He also sits on the BSI and ASTM standards committees for composites testing.

Working in a test lab, Geraint is keen on helping to develop the latest generation of future materials and as a keen sports man, he takes great enjoyment in watching the influence of these materials in advancing sporting performance.

Gemma Smith has worked within the materials sector for her entire career. From steel to concrete, timber to composites; Gemma is keen to understand how things are made, and then how they can be made better!


Gemma manages her own marketing and events company focused on the advanced materials and engineering sectors. She has an obsession with business; what makes people tick, what makes companies work, who drives innovation, sales and business growth.

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